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Ani Colt
Spritual Love Poetry Channeled by Ani

Welcome to my new poetry section.

I've been bringing in Poetry from Spirit since late1992. The subjects of the poems or messages have varied.  My book on Self Love is based on these poems and their powerful messages.  All of the poems are loving and encouraging.  All are infomative and wise. 

May they serve you!  Please email me if you like these poems. 

I will put these into categories in this section of my website.  For now here is a wonderful one I had not even read for myself in some time:

Heart Meadow

What would you know,
What would you be
To ease loveís path? 

The obstacles, subtle 

Or strong, how would 

You ease them away?

The heart place
Of love requires
Space to breathe
Love into your life,
Your days, each hour
Each moment to moment.

To open your heart 
Fully now, takes,
Ah, you await
The magic answer
When the answer
Is already inside
Of you.  You.

To tap into the
Love your already are 
Imagine your heart 
As the great meadowlands
The meadow of all the grasses
All the insects, all the winds
Rain and sunshine
Even fires that destroy
Even floods that do too.

And the meadow
Is still there through all 
Ready to grow
All the grasses
Host all the insects 
All the ground animals

Receive the winds,
Rain, sunshine
Snow and hail, too.

So is your heart
A meadow
A growing place
A host for life forms
A growth space
That sustains itself
Through so much. 
But not all. 

In human life
Your heart asks
Of you that you
Fertilize it through 
Receiving the gifts of life
Consciously choosing to grow 
Giving it breath
And breadth

Connecting it with your
Mind and sexual flow 
Your voice and power center, 
See thru your heart
As a third eye,
Thus integrating 
Your heart with
Your all, which
Of course, includes
Me, your heavenly host
Of your expanded being.

The heartís ability to
Sustain itself 
When connected to the All 
Is the miracle of Love.

Tend to your heart
As you would a
Miraculous treasure 
For that is Your Heart.

Breathe into it.

God Seed. 


May 23, 1999
Ani Colt

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