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Self Love as Spiritual Practice

Self Love as Spiritual Practice: Nine Keys for Loving Yourself.  Our book explores how you can better love yourself and gives an intimate view of my own spiritual journey. The love and wisdom of the divine shines through this book.  If you wish encouragement on your personal journey and more love, Self Love as Spiritual Practice will help you.  It is filled with all the wisdom I share with Spirit, what I also call Godd.  

Self Love as Spiritual Practice

is now available at  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and from the Publisher/Xlibris. 

For years I've  brought in messages in the form of wise, wonderful poetry. In the 1996 the poems started to focus on a process to help me learn to love myself. They explored the importance and power of loving myself...which leads to the reception and integration of the self-Self.

This all came together to create this book.   

Why love yourself?

As is said so poetically in the central message of this book, a poem I heard in 1996:

To love thyself is
To love Me embodied in
The human life form
My creation, My desire
To share Spirit in you
To know knowing in you
To love with you.

Love thyself and you love Me.
We are One, you know.


In this context, self love takes on a whole new meaning. Loving yourself is loving Source, Spirit, the Divine, whatever you call God.

Why Love Yourself? To answer a deep desire to be Love. To love and be loved, wholly, unconditionally, all ways and always. This book is co-created to help you meet this deep desire, the yearnings of your human self, your soul, and your essence.

Love yourself, and you will find that many other wonders open to you. 

                                                                                                                         From GODDís Preface

Love yourself to be your optimal self and to evolve.  Self love is an entryway to more love with Source, to higher consciousness, and a step towards knowing yourself as love. Self love is something everyone deserves.

Loving yourself opens the way to experience more well-being and to gain self-esteem that is love based rather than ego based. Spiritual self love  helps you gain the ability to truly love another, relate well in community, and attract loving mirrors.

With the continued practice of self love, it becomes the foundation for loving others and creating more love in your life. This all adds up to carrying Love energy within you. Love has a glow about it. When you carry it, you radiate Love. What a wonderful way to help yourself and others, as well as contribute to world oneness and peace.

Self Love as Spiritual Practice is now available at



Nine Keys for Loving Yourself

First Key: Know the All-Loving GODD

This key teaches about the GODD who love you always, all ways. This is an important step, one designed to set the stage for you to have and feel support on the path of self-love. 

Second Key: Intend to Love Yourself

This Key teaches the power of using intention and deals with inner conflicts.

Third Key: Love Your Whole Self

This Key teaches the power of being self-loving and compassionate with all aspects of yourself.

Forth Key: Accept Yourself and Your Feelings

Ah, feelings. We are feeling beings, and the fourth key helps you learn to accept all your feelings, even hard feelings. It speaks to the potential for peace and change from this acceptance.

Self Love as Spiritual Practice

is now available from the Publisher/Xlibris, at Amazon and Barnes & Noble 

Fifth Key: Use Self-Love to Heal and Grow

To heal is to become more whole. To grow is our nature. This key deals with dis-ease, healing, death, finding your passion, your power and more. 

Sixth Key: Practice Self Love in the Now

To bring loving yourself into your everyday experience means practice in the moment. Using breath and the visualization of GODD loving you, with you, adds power to the practice.

Seventh Key: Receive Your Self

In the seventh key, you learn the power of receiving your Self and becoming one with Spirit.

Eight Key: Practice Self Love in Relationships

The eight key teaches how loving the self affects relationships.

Ninth Key: Feel and Heal the Planet

Healing others, the world and beyond, is a natural progression of loving the self. We are all One.

Here is the wonderful sample: from the third Key to Loving Yourself.  I love the way it starts. It introduces many concepts that come up again.  It introduces the concept of the misunderstandings we have passed down about spiritual teachers, in this case Jesus Christ.  If Christianity is not your path, not to worry.  This is explained more in the book.

To Love the Whole Self 

Yes, this is one of

the grandest

Lessons in this life

To love the whole self.

Yes, this includes

your insecurities,

Your inner child,

your abandoned self

Your weaknesses,

your pains and injuries

Your getting fired

as well as promoted.

Oh, this is not

weakness to

Embrace your

seeming failures

And shortcomings.

It is not that you cannot

Better that within yourself

which holds you

back from being

All that you really are.

It is that giving love and

Compassion to

these aspects of self

Is part of the bettering.

For how can

anything heal

Or grow without the lifeblood

Of Love and breath?

So breathe

Love to and into all that

You would change

for the better.

And into all in you

that pains --

Physical, emotional, psychological.

You must do this Ė as you

Must learn this is what it is

To be human on this planet

You call Earth.

Without this self-love and


Without knowing

you will always

Wisely and

Generously give yourself,

These aspects of

Your Godself

Or your higher-self,

To your human-self

Without this ability,

the everyday care of self

You come to wither,

You come to

sickness and ill health

You loose all peace of mind

Your anxieties rise like

A spurting volcano

To erupt and flow burning

Scorching heat all over your

Bodies, into your minds

And drowning your Spirit.

You, your being human

Is a tricky form of  life.

Youíve become so

distant from Me,

Or so many of you

have -- not all,

You forget.

Your lack of understanding

My son, Jesus Christ,

Your misinterpretations

Through the distraught of your

ego selves And other

manifestations of

These, these have

injured you so.

I would have it healed

Believe Me on this ---

But I digress in my desire

To have you healed

and loving.

The message here is

To love yourself, all aspects

Especially when

you are hurting

Anxious, rejected, injured,

Ill and afraid.

This is to love Me,

Is to right yourself, for

Itís not that I

disdain the wrong

So much, as I, the Divine,

The I AM, am

embodied in you

In order for us to

have livelihood. 

So dear ones,

you are so dear

Because you chose

to be my body.

And then you forgot

who you Are.


One way to remember,

To heal yourself and the Earth

Is to love yourself where you hurt

When you hurt, as you cry --

And let those tears flow,

Give yourself love and compassion

In all your aspects, please.

In this you comfort, nurture, nourish

Yourself and help bring yourself

Back to Me.

And know the love I would

Breathe into you with every breath.


Godd Speed.

Self Love as Spiritual Practice is now available from the publisher.  Please click on this link:
































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