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Ani Colt
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Conscious Evolution


"The Only Solution is Our Conscious Evolution"

Barbara is the voice of conscious evolution. Her site offers many resources. Get on her email list.

Personal Growth and Healing


Doris Jeanette, PsyD
Holistic Psychology

Body and Soul Care
Self Help Care

Doris, or Jeanette as I call her, is a long term friend and collaborator. She understands energy and emotions. She can help you help yourself and open your heart.


Primarily energy healing thru remedies. From the site:

We believe all healing comes from God and that God helps those who help themselves. We are required by law to remind you that few of us are doctors and we DO NOT diagnose or prescribe medications. We are educators who help others to help themselves. Although we like the results of successful faith healing, our education is based primarily on using natural preparations or physical movements.


Sue Stebins

This site give access to the body of work of Sue Stebbins, a friend from my Connecticut days. Sue's work combines science, higher consciouness, sub conscious, her wisdom and proven means to help you.

From her site:

Through Sue's practical life coaching, you can change the course of your direction by managing your inner resources, attaining optimal living strategies and increasing your accomplisments.

Sue specializes in practical life stress management and developing peak performance programs and systems designed specifically for individuals and corporations.

Environment and Ecology


Organic Consomers Organization
Campaigning for Food Safety, Organic Agriculture, Fair Trade and Sustainablity

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