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Ani Colt
Private Practice

Working in NE Connecticut -- arrangement can be made to come to your area.

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Currently Forming 

Women on the Spiritual Path

Heal, Grow, Evolve

A group to help women help themselves and each other

Self Love as Spiritual Practice

Quiet Time to Go Inside -- Group Time to Share
Realize Self and Revitalize self
We learn from each other

Fun is included

Ani's Private Sessions

Each session is unique. This intuitive work is designed to integrate with your intentions and your energy system. 

Heal, Grow and Evolve

Renew your sense of health
Release stress
Feel more on track 

See more below under Private Sessions

Educational Sessions 

Work with individuals, couples and groups to

Raise Touch Consciousness
Increase Touch Intelligence
Create more Loving Touch in Life

Learn How to Love Yourself

About Touch Educational Sessions

Many people have touch issues and want to have more touch in their lives. A first step you can take is to raise your Touch Consciousness. In a highly personalized environment, you will be guided in this first step and also learn more about what it is to be a great toucher...and touch receiver.  Practice is included.

This work is appropriate for individuals, couples, families and friends.

About Private Sessions

The intention is to help people relax and open. While no two sessions are the same, there is a pattern. We have talk time, energy-work time and centering time after the energy work. While I am a Reiki practitioner, the works goes beyond Reiki to give clients a mind, body and spirit sense of being supported.

Talk time is designed to give clients time to self express and time for my intuitive and energy intelligence system to gather information. There may be an opportunity for some practical spiritual guidance and talk about how to become self aware and how to love yourself right where you are. This assists in making changes from a deep level. Yet, the power in the sessions comes from much more than talk. We use the Universal Life Force and other techniques to help co-create your shift. 

Using more than one modality helps the human system move into change, healing, growth and balance.  The work can be very profound, yet subtle.  In a very deep way, I work to help people with their own evolvement and this comes from much more than words. I rely on intuition, inner guidance and your openness.  The sessions are interactive and very nurturing. We all need more love and sweetness in our lives. 

It is recommended that people plan to come for at least three sessions because with three, the human system really gets that it is being supported. This helps the self/Self support from the inside.

Clients leave feeling relaxed, centered and inspired; clearer, energized and more whole.  Over time, they gain an inner energy change as well as practical tools and the motivation to continue on their own. 

My Background

In 1991 I had a spiritual experience that caused me to totally change my life. You can read about it in the Loving Yourself as A Spiritual Journey book. Since 1991 I have studied A Course in Miracles and the Science of Mind. Iím a Level II Reiki practitioner, and I have also studied Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch and Comfort Touch. Like so many of us, there are too many workshops that have helped me in my practice and own personal growth to list.  Yet, Spirit is the biggest helper in my life including when I am working with others. Truly, Spirit is my life partner.

Besides the three books I have written, I have over ten years of experience in sexual-spiritual integration work as an activist and publisher of Spirituality&Sexuality.

Prior to 1991, I spent over twenty years in the marketing, advertising and new product development arena working for such giants as Young & Rubicam and Avon in NYC. In 1982 I formed my own qualitative marketing research business in Dobbs Ferry, NY-- one of the early people to have a home office. I was a marketing consultant and lead focus groups. Clients included Kraft and Pepsi. I earned a black belt in karate in 1985 (one of my greatest experiences) and practiced Tai Chi. Now, I  practice yoga and have been exercising regularly for over 35 years. 

Personally, I have two grown children. My wonderful son has his own business, lives in the Denver area with his wife. He is an active camper.  My daughter lives with her partner in Austin. She  works for the State of Texas in their health care management and is very active in sports. She has a 2nd degree black belt, teaches karate and retired after 3 years of playing women's professional football.  

I raised my children as a single mother from the time they were five and three. What a trip! Surely the hardest and most rewarding work of my life, so far!



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Ani Colt

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