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Ani Colt
Ani -- Marketing Consultant


So often when people meet, the first question asked is, "What do you do?"  The question brings a smile to my face.  Sometimes I answer back, "Ask me who I am, not what do you do?"

Because I have done so many things, the next thing I often say is, "I'll give you the short version."

Here, I want to share about my business career as a consultant in New Product and New Business Marketing.  This work entailed working with manufactures (often including their ad agencies) to innovate so the companys' products and services fit consumers' needs within an ever changing market place.  I have over twenty years of experience working with my clients in the offices and conference rooms, out in the field conducting focus groups, then back in the offices to figure out what is next.  The main areas I've worked in include: new product development, brand and product positioning, brand extensions, strategic planning and more.  I've worked on many beverage categories, on health and breakfast foods, on snacks and many more products you buy at your local grocery store.

I look to partner with those working to midwife an environmentally enlightened paradigm and further lifestyles of health and sustainability. I do this as a professional and as a volunteer.  While in NE Connecticut I helped my town's new Agriculture Commission realize there opportunity. The ten year town plan was not just to help its ag businesses survive. Rather in today's market, the ag business is the opportunity for the town to maintain not just its rural character but also to help it thrive.

Over the years I've said, "There are very few new ideas.  However, there are the right ideas at the right time, done the right ways."  With the multi-dimensional challenges of our times, we need to to find some new and right ideas done the right way.  

Early in my career  I worked for an outfit called: New Product Insights. We were located in suburban Kansas City.  Our clients were major Fortune 100 companies in New York City, suburban NJ as well as Minneapolis, Cleveland and other Midwest locals. When working for our clients and talking to consumers we looked for insights. This was a very important training for me.  We need insights now. It is the life breath of innovation.

After a few years in KC, I moved my two children to suburban NY and worked on Madison Ave. and 57th street. Later I started my own consulting business in suburban Dobbs Ferry, NY. I worked with some of the same New York City clients and other Fortune 100 companies.

Now is a time for us to be good business people, smart environmentalists and insightful marketers. As consumers it is also important that we make environmentally wise and healthful choices in what buy and eat.

Recently I started a new stage of my life in Austin, TX.  This is a happening place, and I know that my diverse background can serve this growing community.

Want to talk? Please contact me. 

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Ani Colt

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