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Ani Colt
The Desire for Love

Adapted from Self-Love as Spiritual Practice by Ani Colt

You would feel love.
Oh, I send you love
Ever so constantly,
Every very breath you take
Feel it in self-love.

From the poem “Love Thyself”

We All Want Love

Deep down we all want to love and be loved. Who do we want to love and be loved by? Many of us think of love in terms of romantic love…the perfect, loving partner is what we want.  Also, we want the love of our parents and siblings.  Those who don’t feel loved or adequately loved by their family often carry a deep wound and sense of un-lovability. 

Also, many of use wish to love God, Spirit, the Divine or whatever name we give to a Higher Power.  And we wish to be loved by the Higher Power.  Often this is felt as a deep yearning.

In recent years we have started hearing and reading that you need to love yourself and even love yourself first. We learn that by loving ourselves we attract healthy love, become able to truly love another, and be loved in a healthy way by another. Loving yourself is a first step.

Self-love helps us:

  •  Feel good inside
  •  Have a healthy sense of self
  •  Gain self-esteem that is love based, rather than ego based
  •  Have a healthier immune system
  •  Create a healthy relationship between the human self and the Higher Self

In relationships, self-love means you:

  • Gain the ability to truly love another
  • Relate well in community
  • Attract loving mirrors

If you are not familiar with the concept of mirrors, simply put, we attract people into our lives that mirror our energy. If you come from anger, hate and fear, you will attract like people. As you come more and more from self-love, you attract loving people through your love energy.

As you come to love yourself, you will care less how you look, yet people will tell you how good you look. Love has a glow about it.

Self-love opens the door to experience more happiness and well being.

With the continued practice of self-love, it becomes the foundation of loving others and creating more love in your life.

The practice of loving yourself does involve the Divine.  I have it from the highest authority that the S/He is ever present loving us always and all ways. I know Spirit is ever present to help us learn and practice loving ourselves.

This all adds up to carrying the love energy within ourselves.

How about you? When have self love, you radiate it out into the world. What a wonderful way to help yourself and others, as well as contributing to world peace.

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