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Ani Colt
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Back when I changed my life in 1991-1992, I set my intentions to be a writer and a healer. Since finding my life purpose to help bring heaven down here, teacher, speaker and visionary have been added. My inspiration has been and continues to be my connection to Spirit who I sometimes refer to as GoDD. Using the spelling GoDD helps distinguish from the God so many of use grew us hearing about: God as angry, focused on sin and threatening hell. I like that the two d's suggest God/Goddess. GoDD loves us Always All ways. My inspiration often comes in conversations with GoDD and some of them will show up on these pages. Yet, as I go to post the message I received just after getting this part of my website up, I found myself a bit intimidated. Yet, here goes. What wisdom there is to be found.
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Ani Colt

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