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Ani Colt
Earthquakes and Global Issues

October 10, 2005

Many souls have passed over in the last two days…passed with the tragedy of the Earthquake on the Pakistan, India and surrounding lands.  Yes, I call it a tragedy…a nature of Earthly life tragedy.  Some of you wonder or whisper, is God trying to tell us something? Some of you speak of it and even write it.

Ani, right now, is assimilating that We are writing of it.

So is there a message in hurricanes and tsunamis, earthquakes and landslides?

A natural message is that you live on a living breathing Earth with earth changes happening with time.  Once the earth was so new and unformed, much like the first hours after a child is conceived when the dividing cells haven’t started to discriminate thru the intelligence inherent in their unique combination of egg and sperm, of male and female, of life.  There is a life intelligence.  There is an Earth life intelligence too, and the Earth is no spring chicken…there are cracks in her that go way back.  These help cause the deep shifts and great earthquakes.

Yet, many of you wonder about the the pollution/the warming of the air, the waters…the earth.  How much is unpredictable, nature based…devoid of man’s influence?  There are many answers to these question, which is a bit different than more than one answer.  What do I mean?  Well, life is so complicated, and the earth’s whole make-up is also complicated, just as your human bodies are very complex and interactive.  So, as you influence your health by what you consume and how you exercise, so you influence the earth by how you consume and what you exercise.  The consumption ratio of breath makers and breath users is changing.  Changing for many reasons.  Higher population, less trees, more pollution.  These are a few of the obvious ones….undeniable!

So, yes, you are an influence.  Does drilling oil and drawing water from the earth’s outer layers effect the earth?  Yes, of course.  Does watering your grass help it grow?  Yes.  There is a balance on all this…of use and abuse. 

You have become almost sacrosanct in your acceptance of abuse on your planet and of your planet…a thousand years of a thousand years of it.  You find it in nature.  The food chain you call it.  Yet your human choice to abuse is different.  You can choose to eat the grasses or the fish and animals. You can paddle your steams and dump your garbage into your water sources. 

Shame on you for harming your water. And, I never use that word lightly. I do not judge it, it is a shame.

I’m going to leave this at that just now.  Ani never expected to “write” about this from my voice.  She’s having a bit of trouble staying with this.  We shall come back.

When you read Ani’s book: Self Love As Spiritual Practice, you’ll know she talks with me.

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