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Ani Colt

Self Love as Spiritual Practice: Readers say:

I have been working with your book. It truly is a great help, and an excellent book. I am grateful that you wrote it.  ~~ Andre

I love your book.   ~~ Mona

Self Love as Spiritual Practice gave me the courage and confidence to make some very difficult changes that I had been putting off for years. I have come to realize that it is okay to feel that I deserve better and am much happier.  ~~  Ellen

I love the book. I feel empowered and feel the love.  I relate to questioning our life paths.  And, I believe God/Godd is present in this book.
~ Judy

I am going through this spiritual change, trying to figure out who I am and where I fit in life. This book is an inspiration to me. It has made me listen to myself a lot more, and realize things happen because we are where we are suppose to be. Awesome book--it sits on my headboard where I can reach for it anytime.  ~ Gail

“Do you love yourself?” a friend asked Ani Colt some years ago, and so began her spiritual journey. In Self Love as Spiritual Practice, Ani asks us that same question. Just as Ani was startled by her inability to answer in the affirmative, we may find ourselves discomfited by our response.
Self Love as Spiritual Practice combines personal insight and universal wisdom in an engaging, interactive manner. As she shares her own faith story and offers her Godd-inspired poems, Ani guides us back to wholeness and relation. For as Godd tells Ani, “Love thyself and you love Me. / We are One, you know.”
    Ani Colt’s
Self Love as Spiritual Practice will find a place on my bookshelf between Neal Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God and Henri Nouwen’s Life of the Beloved in my expanding collection of contemporary mystical writings. ~  Robert Kirk, Ph.D.

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