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Ani Colt
In God's Name

From Aniís journal of 2001
Written soon after the Terrorist Attack in the USA - 9/11/2001

I am not a vengeful God, and it is true I love you, each and everyone, always and all ways, yet at this time in your history I must repeat messages Iíve given before.

    Thou shalt not kill.
    How can you or anyone of you doubt this?
    Thou shalt not die -- for even and all who kill will not die.
    Life is eternal.

Are there exceptions? What about war? What about mercy killing? What about abortion? What about the death penalty?
    Are there exceptions to the rule--to use your language? YES and NO.  The dichotomy here is one of understanding. Through other messengers I have sought to clarify this before. Now I shall bring some clarification to your attention again.

    Thou shalt not kill in Godís name.
    That is the clarification, plain and simple.
    For as you kill yourselves with too much of this and too little of that, be it drugs, gluttony, lies, disuse of your marvelous bodies, distress of your un-marveled minds, disdain for the spirit of truth; I see this and allow all. Yet, these actions, neither sanctioned nor condoned, are the doing of your free will.

    No unborn baby dies be she ďabortedĒ or born without breath, for life goes on and surely spirits find their way into the world. There are many paths. As I honor life, I not only allow your free choice, I gave it to you. Until you gain the power and understanding that no woman needs to be pregnant against her choice, there will be times souls start out in utero and then cease to be in that form of delivery. I understand. I may even ďapproveĒ although that is a difficult use of the word. For I love you all ways and not to approve would be less than love.

    When you smoke your way into emphysema or lung cancer, do I threaten not to love you? Would I have you well? Yes. Would I have you honor your bodies with better treatment, surely. Yet, I understand that you are tempted and ingrained in certain behavior patterns. I love you.

    Mercy killing is indeed a mercy -- at times. In your complicated world your question is who chooses, who decides. When and how are indeed splitting the eye of the needle--that is how delicate is the confinement of choice. Remember life goes on even as it transforms after life in the form you know it best.
    Life is a gift that you are given to use as you see fit. Being fit is a choice you may or may not make.

    The Death Penalty has long been argued in your time and ages past. Death is a prudent choice at times especially given that your prison systems do little if anything to help anyone except for those who make money off them. Again the questions of criteria come to the floor for discussion and disagreement. For absolutes in your world are few.

    Yet, truly violence begets violence. And so I caution you to watch your tongue as well as your sword and your bombing planes and firing guns. You reap what you sow. The fruits of your labors follow the seeds of your intentions--be they conscious or not.

    This war against terrorists -- where is the terror in you? How do you terrify or lord over without true justice or any form of enlightenment and love? How do you heal the MAD DOG within?

    How can you create peace when you do not know inner peace? How does one locate inner peace and let it suffice and calm the many other energies you carry?

    Of course, it is natural to ask how I feel -- think and feel about this war against the terrorists. You know, yet I will remind you, I have no judgements. I love and accept you all ways and always. I do not hold grudges or begrudge your choices.

Nearing the tenth anniversary of 9/11,
I came upon the above. There are not accidents.
Thinking of sharing it, I heard what follows.

September 7, 2011

So, how do I feel about the war on terrorism?  First, you are discovering or uncovering the many, many costs of this war.  Truly, the war on terrorism is in jeopardy of transforming your country into one of economic and political chaos. It has taken you away from that which will heal you and the world to that which plays havoc with life and feeds on power over, versus power with. 

    No one in their right mind would do what this country, the USA, is doing.  Yes, you are not in your right mind as a nation and that reflects the minds of those in and of your nation. 

    First you are not of one mind.  You are of many minds that battle for livelihood through the media, corporate power and through war, through laws and through the absence of law and Ö.and what?  What are you missing here?  What is the point?

    The point is you are ONE WORLD and you must remember this.  Here in the USA you have forgotten what it means to be One Nation Under God.  Of course, many of your arguments and policies are blatantly based on what you say is Godís way.  Others are less direct and identifiably connected to religious teachings and doctrines, and the powers of powerful religious forces.  Yet, many are. You are letting God divide you.  You are using God to divide you.

    And. You force religious rightness on others.

    Oh, you are not a very highly developed nation, or world.  Yet there are minds and teachers here who are wiser and more universal, reaching into the realms of universal truths though their personal and sometimes shared paths.

    Where have you messed up?  Can we trace it back?  Letís trace it back now.

    For one, as Ani writes in Our Book: Self Love as Spiritual Practice, it is time to re-look at the first and greatest commandment and the second.

The language of old may have stated it

Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart,
with all thy soul and all thy mind.
Love thy neighbor as thyself.

New languaging for this--letís call it modern language in a tongue that may be heard and understood today, also shifts the emphasis and moves it from being a Commandment--the mentality of biblical times.

Love thyself and you love Me.
We are One, you know.

The expanded metaphysical expression of this message is in the core message of Our Book: Self Love as Spiritual Practice:

To love thyself
Is to love me embodied
In the human life form.
My creation, my desire
To share Spirit in you,
To know knowing in you,
To love with you.

Love thyself and you love Me.
We are One, you know.

Fundamentally, I am asking that you go back to basics.  You must get back to this core and re-evaluate, but more, to carry in new perspectives, create a new paradigm, shift your energy to a higher consciousness.

The war on terrorism?  You many ask what I think.  I ask back: Where is your mad dog and what are you willing to do to shift into a being of love?  Self Love is a starting place.

In the hand of Ani Colt
See www.AniColt.com
for information on
Self Love as Spiritual Practice

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