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Austin, TX ...  a hot day in July


What if every health practitioner were schooled in the Art of Touch?

Working with a Physical Therapist here in Austin, this question comes up again.

Doctors and all their coworkers


All employees in Nursing Home Facilities

All employees in hospitals 

Dentists and all their co workers 

PEASE VISIT OUR Transformational Touch Page and read about the Art of Touch 

We have a simple Facebook.com/ONEderment page  

ONEderment! What's it all about?  It starts with love and for many the importance of self love is a missing ingredient in the power of love. 

Self love takes on a ONEness meaning and energy in the context of the poet message I heard in 1996:

To Love thyself is
To love Me embodied in
The human life form
My creation, My desire
To share Spirit in you
To know knowing in you
To love with you.

Love thyself and you love Me.
We are One, you know.

Spiritual self love is loving Source, Spirit, the Divine. This book is co-created with Spirit to help you meet the deep desires for love that is unconditional. In this book Spirit is calling you to our Oneness. Unconditional love, love that is there for you always and all ways, is a core yearnings of your human self, your soul and your essence.

There is more at work here. Self love, again in this context, is a missing ingredient for all too many of us. A ingredient into loving others. A self love that also is loving the Divine, the source, whatever you know this to be that we all are. Here, self love is an opening to the recognition that we are ONE at the core of beingness. To be able to recognize this core connections is the great spiritual calling, a consciousness level. At this time in our Earth's and civilizations' and species' lives, this remembrance and living from Oneness is an imperative.

This book is a call to self love as a starting place, a call to love "your Neighbors all over the planet and other life forms, the Water, air, earth, all life forms...



 This love is Your Potential
The way to Peace on Earth
The way to the Great Gift 
of Onederment 
The Amazing Grace of Spirit within and
Also, the Amazing Necessity
to recognize that 
We are all One." 


Self Love as Spiritual Practice: Nine Keys for Loving Yourself
is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble 
 Available in hard cover, soft and e-book formats.


Read what readers are saying.

The book's cover shares a lot:

Self Love as Spiritual Practice: Nine Keys for Loving Yourself

Read more about the book here on this site, click: Self Love as Spiritual Practice. At Amazon.com you also can read an excerpt of the book.  

Personal Life

I live in Austin, Texas. I moved here in April, 2012, after 4 wonderful years in a rural town tucked among the major cities of the eastern seaboard, Woodstock, Connecticut. It created the space for me to finish and publish Self Love as Spiritual Practice. What a gift. I had lived on the east coast since I moved to New York in the mid 1970s for a job at NYC's largest ad agency on Madison Avenue.

Now I live at Mueller, a new urban village being built on the land of the old Austin airport.  Moving from a 200 year old historic home in Woodstock to a brand new building in Austin with 201 apartment continues to have its challenges as well as many blessings. Lots going on!  I was on the Steering Committee of the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA)in 2013, 2014 and 2015. In 2015 under the MNA, I initiated the Aging&Neighborhood Committee. Besides the great work with Aging&Neighorhood, in 2016 I am working on something that brings all of it together...all my life work. The ONEderment Project.  For more --  see below and check out:  Facebook.com/ONEderment and www.TrikenUSA.rocks, there are starting places.

These soul purpose sort of projects I am working on, provide lots of opportunity to practice loving myself -- a great poem in the book is titled "To Love the Whole Self."  It starts:

Yes, this is one of
The grandest
Lessons in this life
To Love the whole self.

 *    *    *

Self Love as Spiritual Practice: Nine Keys for Loving Yourself
is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or from the Publisher/Xlibris.
 Available in hard cover, soft and e-book formats.
Here is the link to more about the book:

About Self Love as Spiritual Practice

Being Creative Feeds the Soul/Doing Soul Purpose work feeds the life force.

One of the things that keeps me going is being creative. It is part of my energy.  Being creative, I like to say, is GODD like. In Austin, my creativity has been going into creating and supporting community, and looking at Austin older population and its implications. We have more baby boomers in the Austin area and more moving here than in any other city in the us, or close to it. All, this and the work I have dreamed of doing is coming together. This is "The Onederment Project." However, as life is all the seeds we have been planting are growing in own organic ways.    

Love to you all!

Life is full of transitions...here is a photo of one of them.

Just before leaving the east the spring of 2012, I went into New York  to say goodbye to the city that brought me East.  As a commuter I worked  on Madison Avenue and 55th and 57th Streets.  Great years. Very different to visit the city on a warm Sunday afternoon after Easter and be with tourists. I asked a fellow tourist to take a photo of me at Rockefeller Center. 


I'm really feeling grounded in Mueller here in Austin, in part because of the wildflowers growing kiddy corner from my building in the

Greenway of Mueller.


Enjoy the website and give yourself the gift of Self Love and our book.


We are One, you know,


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